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THE COMPLETE COSMOS – An Encyclopaedia of Space & Astronomy

The 25 episodes of THE COMPLETE COSMOS divide into five main sections – the Sun and the Inner Planets, Mars and the Outer Planets, Blast Off! (exploration), Space Watch (history and the search for extra-terrestrial life) and Deep Space.  View a clip from each section.

Sun and the Inner Planets (Episodes 1 to 5)
Mars and the Outer Planets (Episodes 6 to 10)
Blast Off! (Episodes 11 to 15)
Space Watch (Episodes 16 to 20)
Deep Space (Episodes 21 to 25)

Blast Off!

11. Earth Patrol
Launched into Earth-orbit, the satellites that monitor the health of our planet - ozone, melting ice-caps, weather, deforestation, navigation.

12. Space Frontier
Human space exploration - from Yuri Gagarin’s first orbit of Earth, to the race for the Moon, and the Apollo landings.

13. High Life
Living and working in space. Triumphs, tragedies and everyday practicalities on the Russian space-station Mir and America’s Space Shuttle.

14. Robots
Our scouts in the Solar System. Probes that trail-blaze on Mars, plunge into Jupiter, and land on Saturn’s moon Titan.

15. Where Next?
A spaceport in Earth-orbit, the colonisation of the Moon and Mars, the taming of Venus - plus an elevator into space!