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THE COMPLETE COSMOS – An Encyclopaedia of Space & Astronomy

TV: 25 x 10’

An introduction to space and astronomy.  A classic of its genre.

Produced in1998, THE COMPLETE COSMOS has been York’s best-selling title for more than a decade. The series has sold to TV in more than 60 countries.

With the release of SPACEFILES (26 x 10’), THE COMPLETE COSMOS is now superseded – just as COSMOS replaced our first short-form series on space and astronomy, Encyclopedia Galactica (25 x 10’), made in 1993. As scientific discovery advances and production techniques improve, so, every five years or so, our informational series are updated.

Nevertheless, there is life yet in THE COMPLETE COSMOS. As a raft of awards testify, so thoroughly was the series researched and so vibrant and comprehensive its production, THE COMPLETE COSMOS still airs around the world.  It is particularly successful in the US on The Science Channel.

The 25 ten-minute TV episodes explore the Solar System, our Milky Way galaxy and the Universe beyond.  From the Big Bang and the formation of the planets to black holes and the farthest quasars, each episode tells a crisp, intelligent and highly visual story – uninterrupted by interviews or on-screen host. 

For TV, the series is good for prime-time audiences, science magazines and informational and educational slots.

DVD:  250 minutes

THE COMPLETE COSMOS was released as an all-zone DVD box set in 2000 – and remains today one of the most ambitious DVD releases of its kind.

THE COMPLETE COSMOS DVD contains seven language versions – the original British English, American English (in Fahrenheit and miles), French, Spanish, Germany, Dutch and Japanese.  All languages are sub-titled (close-captioned).  Additionally, the DVD set plays with pictures and music only.

THE COMPLETE COSMOS is also available on DVD in several other languages including Italian.  See How to Buy.