If We Had No Moon

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If We Had No Moon

TV: 1 x 52’ / DVD: 52 minutes

From an idea by channel boss Mike Quattrone and commissioned by Discovery USA, IF WE HAD NO MOON explores the theory that the Moon was born of a planetary collision. Our proto-Earth was hit by a body the size of Mars – not once, but twice within two or three days. The debris thrown into orbit coalesced to form the Moon.

It was the luckiest double-whammy. The Moon stabilised Earth and slowed its spin. As a result, life quickly took hold and evolution took off. If we had no Moon, we would not exist. Quite simply, human beings would have never evolved on Planet Earth.

And more. Days would last four hours. Climate would be chaotic. Earth would wobble wildly on its axis. Most of the planet would be under water. Octapus-like creaters might rule the world. So what luck that we have the Moon! In our exploration of the Solar System, the Moon is to be our stepping stone, our staging post, in journeys to the planets and moons beyond - even to the stars.

The thesis is clearly developed with superb CGI and rock-solid geological evidence. Dr. Martyn Ives, one of York Films most talented producers, wrestled long and hard to meld complex ideas from several disciplines into a compelling story of planetary science.

Throw in the mechanics of planetary teeter and the viewer is left with a humbling sense of how life hangs on a one-in-a-zillion accident. This isn’t earnest experts on cosmological hobby horses – but mind-boggling examples of the Moon’s influence on the natural world.

A compelling prime-time science special that delivers scrupulously scientific answers to some big questions.

Narrated by Patrick Stewart.