Nobel's Greatest Hits


TV:  13 x 10’

Science made clear and accessible.  A dozen of the most remarkable scientific advances to evolve during the first 100 years of the Nobel Prize – plus the story of Alfred Nobel himself and the august institution he bequeathed to the world.

Each ten-minute episode tells a crisp and accurate story. Together they comprise the greatest scientific developments in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine: rarely the work of a single Nobel laureate, but a brilliant progression – prize-winner building on prize-winner, ideas spawning ideas. 

The emphasis is on good visuals, meticulous writing and the clearest explanations of the most difficult concepts. There are no interviews and no on-screen host.   A truly international series – as good in Japanese, German or French as in the original English.

NOBEL’S GREATEST HITS was produced by York Films in association with Bo G Erikson Televison of Sweden – science production companies that between them have won four Emmys.

Ideal for informational and educational TV, v-o-d, streaming and e-learning.  The series also works brilliantly as 13 snazzy “fillers”.

DVD:  130 minutes

Under the titles UNDERSTAND SCIENCE and UNDERSTAND MEDICINE, the Nobel’s Greatest Hits TV series is released as two sparkling DVDs. 

UNDERSTAND SCIENCE (70 minutes) - seven episodes:

Wired – wireless, TV, the transistor, the integrated circuit, the computer
Super Cool – making electricity flow without resistance and dirt cheap
Quantum Leaps – quantum mechanics, how atoms work
Beyond the Atom – sub-atomic particles and anti-matter
The Good, The Bad – radioactivity, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, the bomb
Cracking the Cosmos – Big Bang to the life and death of stars
Loners – one-offs like silage, the automatic lighthouse and DDT

UNDERSTAND MEDICINE (60 minutes) – six episodes:

Battling the Bugs – penicillin, streptomycin, bacteriology, immunology
The Code Breakers – RNA, DNA, double helix, breaking the genetic code
See-Through – X-rays, electron-microscopy, electrocardiograph, CAT scans
Impulse – secrets of the nervous system, how the brain works
In the Blood – diet and lifestyle, blood groups, insulin, how aspirin works
Nobel the Man – inventor of dynamite and force for peace