Beautifully filmed and awash with music and stardust, the BBC’s Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe are somewhat short on facts. And they move so slowly. If they’ve whetted your appetite for a real grasp of space and astronomy, the answer is SPACEFILES – The Universe Unveiled (260 mins).

With nothing to get between you and the information, SPACEFILES clearly and concisely deals with the Solar System, our Galaxy and the Universe beyond. Facts and images are in. Talking heads are out. Ten minutes of SPACEFILES invariably pack more information than 60 minutes with Brian Cox.

To be fair, the good professor has wonderfully raised the profile of space and astronomy. But his glacial pace, the endless earthly analogies and the reluctance to properly explain fascinating processes may not be your cup of tea.

SPACEFILES isn’t perfect, but it’s probably the most comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of space, astronomy and cosmic exploration available anywhere on DVD. Like Wonders, SPACEFILES was produced in the UK for a global market and is already released in a host of languages including Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Good writing, accurate science and great pictures deliver 26 seamless chapters. Whether for home enjoyment or as an educational tool, SPACEFILES gives you the facts – straight.

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