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SPACEFILES - The Universe Unveiled

The Universe Unveiled (TV: 26 x 10’ / DVD set: 126 minutes)

For TV, DVD, v-o-d, streaming, e-learning...    

SPACEFILES is a visual compendium of space and astronomy - 26 ten-minute episodes presenting, in a uniquely flexible format, the Solar System, our Galaxy, and the Universe beyond - each programme or “file” offering a crisp, intelligent, picture-driven story.   
As a series, SPACEFILES is a comprehensive tour de force - the 26 “files” comprising an enthralling overview of our cosmic habitat. A flow of superb graphic animation and the latest images of the planets, their moons, the Sun and deep space deliver a stimulating visual exposition uninterrupted by interviews or on-screen host.

Individually, each SPACEFILES episode is a “stand-alone”. For TV, the series works for prime-time slots, science magazines, informational and educational programming, and as a perfect schedule-filler. “Files” can be combined and reconfigured in many, many ways.  

For DVD, the series forms 26 chapters, each dividing into five or six sub-chapters.  For video and other genres, SPACEFILES segments into many configurations - 26 x 10’, 13 x 20’, 8 x 30’, 5 x 50’, 4 x 60 etc - excellent for v-o-d, internet streaming and e-learning.

SPACEFILES is the latest in a highly-successful format begun in 1993 with Encyclopedia Galactica, followed in 1998 by The Complete Cosmos. SPACEFILES carries the genre brilliantly into the 21st Century. Good writing, well checked science and glorious pictures update and elucidate the fascinating fundamentals of space and astronomy.