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The Complete Cosmos
The Man Who Colours Stars
Christmas Star
3 Minutes To Impact

YORK FILMS Space Production

These are the pick-of-the-bunch of our space and astronomy titles over the past 25 years – from our best-selling informational series SPACEFILES to the Emmy-winning blockbuster 3 MINUTES TO IMPACT.

SPACEFILES – The Universe Unveiled
TV:  26 x 10’   DVD:  260 minutes
Our best-seller.  An A to Z of space and astronomy – the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe beyond.  For TV, 26 beautifully crafted stand-alone episodes that combine into longer programmes.  As a DVD set, arguably the most comprehensive tour of the cosmos currently available.  No talking heads.  Good for all audiences.

STARGAZING - A Graphic Guide to the Heavens
TV:  6 x 30’  DVD:  180 minutes
A definitive animated atlas of the night sky – a magnificent work of reference.  The stars and constellations season-by-season from anywhere on Earth.  Ideal for DVD, streaming, v-o-d and informational TV.  No talking heads.  Good for all audiences.

TV:  1 x 52’  
Prime-time documentary commissioned by Discovery Channel USA.  How a planetary collision created the Moon and kick-started life on Earth.  A clearly developed thesis with superb CGI and rock-solid geology.  Narrated by Patrick Stewart.  Science programming at its best.  Good for all audiences.

ECLIPSE - Herald of the Millennium
TV: 1 x 52’
Everything about a total eclipse of the Sun.  An informative and entertaining mix of science and human interest.  From the Atlantic to the Black Sea, the last great eclipse of the 20th Century.  A rollicking good yarn.  Narrated by Brian Blessed.  Good for all audiences.

TV:  25 x 10’   DVD:  125 minutes
Our previous best-seller.  A thorough-going guide to the Solar System and the cosmos beyond.  Produced in 1998, the series is now superseded by SPACEFILES.  COSMOS continues to sell, however, such is its integrity.  As a DVD set, the series is second to none – with seven languages, sub-titles (close-captioning) and a just-music-and-pictures option.  No talking heads.  Good for all audiences.

TV:  1 x 50’   DVD:  50 minutes plus a selection of David Malin’s best work
The genius of David Malin, astronomy’s most celebrated photographer.  Malin reveals deep space as if our eyes were a thousand times more sensitive.  A beautiful award-winning biography combining science and art.  Shot in Australia, the UK and the USA.  Good for all audiences.

TV:  1 x 52’   DVD:  50 minutes
A seasonal documentary – the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem, solved!  What guided the Three Wise Men, the Magi, to birthplace of Christ?  Was it a comet, a supernova or a rare conjunction of the planets?  Or was it a supernatural event without scientific explanation?  A detective story filmed in the Holy Land.  Good for all audiences.

TV:  2 x 52’
A gripping analysis of the asteroids and comets that threaten Earth.  They’ve caused mass extinctions in the past.  Today they could wipe humankind from the face of the planet.  What are the odds and what could be do to avert our demise?  Powerful locations, charismatic contributors, great CGI.  A classic.  And an Emmy-winner.  Good for all audiences.