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Prime-time science special.  

This fascinating documentary explores the theory that the Moon was born of a planetary collision. Our proto-Earth was hit by a body the size of Mars – not once, but twice within two or three days. The debris thrown into orbit coalesced to form the Moon.

It was a lucky blow. The Moon stabilised Earth and slowed the spin of the planet.  As a result, life quickly took hold and evolution accelerated. If we had no Moon, humankind would not exist. The thesis is clearly developed with super simulations and rock-solid geological evidence.  

Throw in the mechanics of planetary teeter and the viewer is left with a humbling sense of how life hangs on a one-in-a-zillion accident.  This isn’t earnest experts on cosmological hobby horses – but mind-boggling examples of the Moon’s influence on the natural world.  

Compelling television that delivers scrupulously scientific answers to some big questions.

Year of production: 1999

Produced by York Films for Discovery Channel (USA) and DR-TV (Denmark).

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If Discovery cannot help, York Films can supply IF WE HAD NO MOON on VHS PAL and NTSC. Sorry, not DVD.

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